Don’t you feel the need to be free from the mundane anxieties of life? Do you ever feel limited from fulfilling your higher purpose? An Unbound Spirit is a person who has managed to free himself from the anxiety of his body, health, relationships, and mind so that he can concentrate fully on fulfilling his highest spiritual purpose.

The world is complex and hard to navigate. On top of the struggles of managing our own lives there’s the difficulty of understanding and working with other people and living in systems we didn’t choose to place on ourselves. Confusion and anxiety are commonplace, and most of us do our best to hide these feelings as if everyone else weren’t experiencing them. In the end, it’s like we were all placed here against our will with no instructions and no answers to the questions that really matter.

But it doesn’t have to be this way

We don’t have to be so lost or constantly groping in the dark. Many others have found the way and we can follow after them. These people are leaders, teachers, philosophers, entrepreneurs, and scientists and have left clues.

This isn’t about copying someone else’s success. That never works! This is about the lessons their successes have taught us, and we can use them to navigate ourselves.

What makes this different?

None of this may sound new at all. Books by Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, and even Marcus Aurelius and Aristotle have long told us that we can learn skills from studying from masters and training under mentors. This isn’t about that. This is a system of universal constructs that gives meaning to those lessons. It’s a series of mindsets and formulas that give us a pathway to Self Efficacy.

The Method

By using a systematic approach to improve the way one observes, thinks, acts, and organizes her life, the user of the system completes a series of lessons, exercises, and tasks that train her for maximum self-efficacy. It is built to be both comprehensive and exact. By studying and examining world history, the writings of brilliant minds, science, and art, esoteric and mythological, and through personal experimentation, the member is given step-by-step instructions on how to achieve her goal. There are no vague aphorisms or fortune cookie codes. It’s like a martial art for being human. An action-based course guaranteed to improve your experience of life and effectiveness of living it. The Unbound Spirit approach is based on a network of mentors and mentees, purposeful tasks, and clear goals which allows for close and attentive training for each member.

This is the system of the Unbound Spirit, and it is my personal system for self-knowledge and life success. I have developed it over 15 years based on thousands of years of writings and examples, tying together the core intersections, and constantly experimenting with them in my life, my businesses, and my health. It ties together the philosophy, business practices, sciences, and even spiritualities that have survived across human existence, which I then extrapolated into fundamental truths about how the world works.

Most importantly, this system has been compiled into a teachable framework, one that you can learn to gain an understanding of your life, wellness, and business and find personal freedom!

Why did I work on this? I wanted to build the world I wanted to live and die in and needed to develop a system to cut through the difficulties of life and become a lighthouse in a foggy world. It is a strong opinion of mine that the individual should evolve to serve society and that societies should be built to help the individual. Further, I believe it only takes one strong person to help many, so, many strong people together can help the world better than just the individual alone. We as a race owe a debt to the universe to do our part in creation and curation, and the Unbound Spirit method is my offering toward that noblest end. Please take these tools and help us build the best world we can.

“Self can be the only concrete axiom. No belief can be held in confidence without the reasoning machine itself. Even reason itself should be held to scrutiny. By that token, self awareness and self identity become the primary process of having any valuable knowledge. Building a body of self must then be a part of building a body of knowledge, and to confirm this knowledge one needs to develop authenticity and authority.”
— Dimas